Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to inform past clients about upcoming sales, interesting news and promotions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about email marketing services.

What do nPromote’s email marketing services entail?

A comprehensive service, we handle all aspects of your email marketing campaign from design and content to mailing and tracking. We can also provide you with suggestions for attracting more subscribers.

What types of emails does nPromote send?

At nPromote, we send a combination of promotional/sales emails and more informative e-newsletters. We also send emails to welcome new customers and encourage former clients to return to your business.

How many subscribers do I need for email marketing to be effective?

There is no minimum list size for email marketing. However, nPromote can work with your business to find new ways of generating subscribers.

Will nPromote work with our in-house marketing team?

Yes! Our email marketing experts can work with your in-house team to determine the best content for promotional and sales emails and newsletters.

What does remailing involve?

Occasionally, we will resend promotional emails after a few days have passed. Subscribers who did not take advantage of the first offer may opt to participate in the deal the second time around. This is an easy, affordable way of increasing revenue.