Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Advertising

You can find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about advertising on Facebook. If you have additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our Facebook experts today by calling (800) 274-9214.

What are the benefits of using Facebook ads?

Unlike many search engines, Facebook allows businesses to target specific users based on their gender, age, area of interest and education level, among other categories. This level of control helps ensure your ad reaches those searchers who would be the most likely to buy your product.

How frequently should I change my Facebook ad text?

Catching the user’s attention with fresh ad copy is crucial to successful Facebook marketing. nPromote recommends that companies change their Facebook ad text regularly to reflect special offers, promotions and other factors.

What are sponsored stories on Facebook?

Akin to testimonials, sponsored stories allows companies to create status updates using the positive comments and recommendations of other Facebook members who have used their products.

Is Facebook advertising going to give me a good return on investment?

When used correctly, Facebook ads can offer an excellent return on investment, helping you reach new clients and draw old ones back to your business. Additionally, you can use Google analytics to track how many people are finding your website through your Facebook page.

Why should I choose nPromote for Facebook advertising?

With experience managing hundreds of Facebook advertising campaigns over the years, nPromote’s marketing team has the technical knowledge and experience to make sure your Facebook ads reach the maximum number of targeted users.