Mobile Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile marketing is a relatively new field, and it’s likely that you have questions about the best options for your company. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about mobile campaigns. If you have additional questions, call nPromote at (800) 274-9214 or book an appointment with one of our marketing pros online.

Is a separate mobile campaign really necessary?

With a rise in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices for online shopping, eCommerce sites are seeing an increasing need for mobile marketing campaigns. To take full advantage of this trend, websites should choose an SEO company that understands the unique behaviors of mobile shoppers.

What are location extensions?

Set up using Google Places, local extensions allow companies to provide more information in their ads including a map that shows their location.

Does my company need a special mobile website and app?

Because Google considers whether sites are mobile friendly when determining an advertiser’s quality score, it’s crucial that eCommerce businesses create special websites that can be viewed from mobile devices. While mobile apps can seem appealing, they are less important and should only be created if marketing budget allows.

Are both search and display ads available on mobile?

At nPromote, we specialize in creating all types of ads including text and rich media for use in mobile search.