Our Process

The nPromote SEO Process

Phase 1: Analysis:

  • Analyse existing website structure and frequency of indexing by Google
  • Current page rank, age of domain and length of time domain is registered
  • Evaluation of inbound link popularity and internal linking process
  • Evaluation of outbound link volume ratio compared to inbound links
  • Review the quality, relevancy and neighborhoods in which existing links exist
  • Identify the percentage of no-follow and follow links
  • Analysis of meta tags, h1 tags and title tags as viewed by search engines
  • Overview of current website traffic and the keywords directing that traffic
  • Evaluation of competitors in primary keyword verticals
  • Review the frequency with which content is added/updated
  • Discover any dynamic pages and improper URL names
  • View existing site maps for accuracy and updated frequency
  • Do a Current Rankings Analysis


Phase 2: Strategy Development:

Based upon the analysis of your site, the strategy for improving your ranking will include an appropriate mix of the following of things:

  • Targeted keyword analysis and the development of a list of keywords which will be focused on within the campaign based on popularity of search and relevancy to website
  • A review of specific changes needed to enhance the website itself (in regards to the structure of the website, site map, title tags, meta/h1 tags, header tags etc)
  • An assessment of the overall need for additional content on the website and how detailed and involved this content will need to be
  • A strategic approach to creating a detailed link building strategy – with focus on varied link sources such as blog posts, real-time links, link reclamation, sidebar links, footer links, wiki posts and additional sources.
  • A well developed Action Plan upon which to begin the campaign to improve ranking


Phase 3: Implementation:

The final phase will be the consistent, strategic implementation of the plans developed, including the following:

  • Begin link building process to improve search engine positioning
  • Create Monthly Reports which we will send to you so that you have a clear idea of where you’re site is, what progress you are making and key points of the campaign that are coming together